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Surrogacy Facts You Need To Know

Surrogacy Laws Vary By State

Since there are not federal surrogacy laws, each state creates their own surrogacy laws. Although the United States is one of the most surrogacy friendly countries, there is variance state by state. Some states do not enforce legal agreements between surrogates and intended parents, and/or don’t have a clear and legally sound process to establish parentage after the birth of your baby.  Pathways To Parenthood only works with surrogates that live in states where surrogates and intended parents are legally protected.  Legal considerations are of the utmost importance for everyone.


Working With A Surrogacy Agency Can Save Time, Money & Stress 

If you are fortunate enough to have a family member or close friend who is willing and able to be your surrogate, you are lucky and should go for it!  If not, a surrogacy agency in the long run will be the most convenient, timesaving, cost-effective, and stress free way to build your family through surrogacy.  With 50-100 potential steps in the process, there are many places along the way where trouble or problems can arise. An experienced and reputable agency will eliminate many of the problems before they even happen.  For problems that are unexpected or unavoidable, a qualified and experienced agency will be best suited to manage them in the process.

The best overall and safest way to find a surrogate?  Contact Pathways To Parenthood. We are the Surrogacy Experts.


Surrogates Are Motivated By More Than Just The Money 

Surrogates are paid compensation for the time, effort and health risks involved in being a surrogate.  But most surrogates are caring and compassionate women who love being pregnant and love helping others. One amazing statement that many Pathways To Parenthood surrogates state as part of their motivation is “to teach and show their children how wonderful it is to help others”


Surrogates Do Not Want To Keep Your Baby

Pathways To Parenthood’s screening process, which includes a psychological evaluation, ensures our surrogate’s motivation to help you have YOUR baby is at the very top of the list of motivating factors. Most surrogates have completed their families and want to help you complete yours.


To learn more about building your family through surrogacy, contact Pathways To Parenthood today at