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Surrogacy and Health Insurance Explained

For surrogates and intended parents, insurance options for their journey are oftentimes much more complicated than they anticipated.  If you are just getting started on your surrogacy journey, whether as a surrogate or Intended Parent, here are the answers to commonly asked questions about medical coverage for a surrogate mother pregnancy.

Do I need health insurance to become a surrogate?

It is preferable if you have your own health insurance if applying to become a surrogate, but it is not necessary. For a surrogacy pregnancy, some type of insurance policy that covers a surrogacy pregnancy is necessary to ensure coverage in the event there is any type of medical emergency.  It will be determined during the surrogate’s agency screening process f the surrogate’s health insurance will cover her pregnancy as a surrogate.  If not, a specialty insurance plan or Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan will be put in place for coverage. Intended Parents will cover the cost of the insurance if needed.

Does my insurance cover surrogacy?

There are no laws that require an insurance company to cover a surrogate pregnancy. Insurance policy plans vary so it important that, whether you’re an intended parent or prospective surrogate, the determination regarding coverage is made before moving forward in the surrogacy process.

Is there any insurance that prohibits me from becoming a surrogate?

If a woman is receiving Medicaid benefits, she may not be a good candidate for surrogacy. When an individual is on any form of government assistance like Medicaid they must report all income whether taxed or not. All money is considered earned income under the Medicaid qualifying laws. Medicaid places a strict limit on how much one may earn and still retain eligibility for benefits. Payments under surrogacy contracts may put your surrogate over this limit.

What about insurance for the baby?
It is also important to know that only the surrogate and her pregnancy are covered under any insurance put in place for the her pregnancy.  Or if she has coverage in her own policy, it is for maternity benefits only, It will not cover the baby after birth. You’ll want to make sure that you notify your personal health insurance company to inform them of the coming birth. They will let you know what you need to do to have the baby covered at birth.

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