Client Testimonial - Mary B.

Unlike other agencies, Pathways to Parenthood does not pay for reviews. All of the testimonials available on this website were written by real clients in their own words. These former and current clients were comfortable enough to give a review knowing that Google identifies them, verifying their identities as part of the Google review process.

5 stars

"We had a very positive experience ...

We had our first child by surrogacy. This process is so far away from ordinary that it can be very intimidating. The people at Pathways to Parenthood were caring and professional. They were able to guide us through the process and whenever we had an issue they were there to help.

I would work with them again and would recommend them to anyone interested in being a surrogate or having a child by surrogacy."

Frequently Asked Questions for Future Parents

Pathways to Parenthood welcomes all individuals or couples considering the journey to parenthood through gestational surrogacy.

One advantage of using an agency is that an agency is an independent business that offers important services involved in the Gestational Surrogacy process. The sole purpose of an agency is to help Future Parents find the best Gestational Surrogates for their family building journey, and then facilitate and oversee the entire process.

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