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Your Surrogacy Journey: Agency or Independent?

There are several factors to consider when answering the question: Should I try to work independently through my surrogacy journey, or work with a surrogacy agency? Here are 3 important points to consider.

1. Can I objectively evaluate the qualities of a potential surrogate without clouding my judgment by my extreme desire to have a child?

For many embarking on family building through surrogacy, it comes after years of failed attempts to build and grow their family. Infertility and/or family building in non-traditional ways can be exceptionally frustrating and emotionally exhausting. This history can cloud judgment about the quality and viability of surrogate candidates, which can be risky and expensive! The “cost” of time, emotional investment and money quite often exceeds what is expected.

2. How well do I handle stress, risk and conflict?

Further, how well can I do this over an extended period of time? Consider the time frame to:

  • Search for, evaluate, and choose an acceptable surrogate
  • Receive medical clearance
  • Negotiate terms/work through legal process
  • Go through medical treatments (sometimes multiple times)
  • Manage the pregnancy
  • Prepare for delivery/birth
  • Prepare for time at the hospital and after the birth for you and your surrogate
  • Follow up post birth for well-being and legal status

This can be at a minimum one year, but typically is 18-24 months. There are many points at the various stages where unexpected events happen and things will not go as planned.

3. What are my costs, financially and otherwise?

You don’t know what you don’t know so this can be difficult to assess when doing an independent surrogacy. You can miss important elements that can cost you later, financially and emotionally. Also, you risk being misled by others, which can save you financially in the short term, but cost you more in the long run. Agencies can tell you what you can expect to pay for and when so that you can be prepared for your journey, and minimize any surprises or unexpected occurrences.

Reputable agencies greatly reduce your risk on your surrogacy journey by educating you, guiding you, protecting you and also offer the same to your surrogate.

Contact us today for more information when considering independent vs agency!