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Surrogacy Close To Home

If you live in Kansas or Missouri and have considered becoming a surrogate or working with a surrogate, contact Pathways To Parenthood today!  We are located in the Kansas City area and offer you not only surrogacy expertise, but a safe surrogacy process with short-distance travel, or travel by car.  With all of the risks in today’s world with coronavirus, our location is ideal to ensure safety during your surrogacy process that does not require flying or long-distance travel.

The majority of our surrogates and families live in the Midwest in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois.  We have also helped  surrogates and families with the surrogacy process that live in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  If you prefer to work with a surrogacy agency that offers matching with a surrogate or families that live in the Midwest, Pathways To Parenthood is the surrogacy agency for you!

We understand that location is not the only consideration that is important to consider when choosing your surrogacy agency.  We also offer unparalleled service and experience.  We value our surrogates and our families that trust us to join them in one of the most important events in their lives.  We offer free consultations so contact us today to learn more!  You can reach us at 913-469-5500, or We look forward to hearing from you soon!