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Becoming A Surrogate During Coronavirus

If you have considered becoming a surrogate and are ready to move forward in the surrogacy process, you are likely unsure if/how coronavirus will impact the process. The screening steps to become a surrogate will not be much different than they were before the COVID pandemic. However how the steps in the process will be implemented may be somewhat different.

As with other areas of your life, some of the screening steps to become a surrogate may be done virtually, rather than in person. Depending on where you live, and where your surrogacy agency is located, virtual meetings and email/phone calls may have been the primary form of communication regardless of coronavirus.

If you decide to move forward in the screening process to become a surrogate, then the medical treatment, pregnancy, and delivery will likely be impacted by coronavirus precautions. At the end of it all, a baby will be joining a family that would not have been possible without the help of you!  And that amazing feeling is not likely to be impacted at all by coronavirus.  In fact, it may be heightened due to the greater lengths and measures all parties may have to experience to make the dream a reality!  Many intended parents had to delay or cancel plans in place to have a baby, and they waited months longer than they expected before they could move forward in the process. Their joy of being able to take steps to get closer to their dream of having a baby are wonderful to be a part of, in spite of all of the additional stressors that the presence of coronavirus may add to the surrogacy process.

When working with a surrogacy agency, you will have a built-in team in place to help you understand what to expect on your journey.  You will also have the benefit of having professionals best prepare you and your intended parents for all steps in the surrogacy process.  And although coronavirus will present some challenges, your agency will help you meet those challenges so the outcome remains the same!

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