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Pathways To Parenthood Seeking International Surrogates In Kansas & Missouri

If you are considering becoming a surrogate, you have the opportunity to help a family that lives outside of the United States.  You likely have many unanswered questions if you are trying to decide if being a surrogate is right for you.  The possibility of working with international intended parents certainly adds to the list of questions that need to be answered.

It is essential to first decide if being a surrogate is the best choice for you regardless of whether you work with intended parents living in the United States or internationally.

If you are open to working with an international family, one important consideration to think about is that for intended parents that live outside of the United States, they have limited options.  Surrogacy as a family building option is likely illegal in their country.  Another consideration is that fertility care in the United States is typically more advanced which gives intended parents a greater chance of success; pregnancy and then a baby (or babies)!  When you consider that family building through surrogacy costs $65,00+, increasing their chance of success is a huge factor for international intended parents.

Finally, it is helpful to know that families in other countries may speak a different language than you, and have different cultural beliefs and practices than you, but they are searching for the same thing all intended parents using a surrogate want:   compassionate and trustworthy professionals and surrogates that are willing to help them have a baby.

Please thoughtfully consider helping international families realize their dreams of becoming parents by being an international surrogate.