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Building Your Family In Non-Traditional Ways: Using A Gestational Surrogate or Egg Donor In Kansas City

The meaning of family is a personal one to each of us, and is colored by the unique experiences of our families that came before us and that we became a part of when we came into this big, wide, and beautiful world.

For individuals and couples that are about to embark upon building their family through egg donation or surrogacy, one scary question most people have is:  “What will I tell my child about where they came from and who they are?”  The answers to that question sometimes brings out fear and anxiety about what their child might think, and if their child will view them as their parent(s) or family.

These fears, that are very common to individuals that build their family in non-traditional ways, typically do not play out to be true.  It is important to recognize that the fears that you may be having are yours, not your future children’s.  In addition, if you consider your family system and dynamics and those of your spouse or partner, you will likely find that some of the most amazing stories of love and family do not come from genetic connections.

The most important consideration is to take your time and be well informed when making decisions about what to tell your child and children about their conception and birth.  Talking with a counselor about any worries you may have will likely give you some peace of mind about your decision-making process.  For more information about using an egg donor or gestational surrogate to build and grow your family, visit us today at