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Pathways To Parenthood: The Motivation Behind Gestational Surrogacy in Kansas City

There are many reasons women have for wanting to be a gestational surrogate.  Most assume that the strongest motivating factor for gestational surrogates is the financial compensation they receive.  Although the compensation that gestational surrogates receive for their generous gift can be a large sum, it is not what initially drives most women to pursue surrogacy.

Some people are critical that women accept financial compensation for being a gestational surrogate.  My question to those critics would be-

“What is the appropriate compensation to somebody who is willing to give up a year or two of their life (and body), to help a family build and grow their family?”.  Another question would be-“Who should make those types of decisions?”.  I do not believe those are easy questions to answer.  I also believe that it is a personal and private matter that should be respected by others that oftentimes really do not know what they are talking about!  But that is a whole other blog post!

What motivates most women that are interested in being a gestational surrogate is the feeling that they are called to help others in such a way.  Potential gestational surrogates typically have had easy pregnancies, love being pregnant, and want to help others in a meaningful way.  Whether they receive financial compensation or not does not detract from the generous gift that they give others by helping them build and grow their family.   To learn more about gestational surrogacy, visit our website at