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My Surrogacy Story

By Angela K

My desire to help another family by becoming a surrogate was with me for many years.  It was something I thought about often, but I wanted to wait until I was done having my own children.  After completing my family, and witnessing a close friend struggle with infertility, I decided it was time to give the gift of life through surrogacy to another family.

After doing research about the surrogacy process, I took the first step!  I completed the pre-screening application with my surrogacy agency, Pathways To Parenthood. Once I completed all of the steps in the surrogacy screening process, I quickly began the matching process. My hope was to match with a couple that would provide a happy, safe, and stable home for a child.  I saw that in the couple that I matched with, and I was thrilled to begin the surrogacy process with them.

There were a few steps in the surrogacy process before the embryo transfer, but eventually the day we all had been dreaming of finally arrived.  We had all agreed to transfer two embryos with the hope that I would become pregnant with twins.  A few weeks later we learned that is exactly what happened, we were pregnant with twins!  We could hardly believe it! Seeing two little heartbeats made us all so joyful.

My surrogacy pregnancy was for the most part, all that I had hoped it would be.  There were a few small hiccups, but nothing major.  Having the support of my intended parents made things easier for me.  Knowing I was going to help make their dreams come true to become parents to two children was always with me and made the pregnancy easier still.  My surrogacy agency was also there for me to support me if I needed it.  Fortunately, there was not much I needed support for!  I feel so blessed that my pregnancy went pretty smoothly, and my intended parents were so wonderful.

The best day of all arrived when I was induced at 37 weeks, and gave birth to two beautiful, perfect babies.  Seeing my intended parents with their children was the happy ending that I had thought about for so long!