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Surrogacy in 2021: Taking the first step…

You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step.

                                                          Martin Luther King Jr.

As we begin this fresh new year, there are many hopes and dreams we all carry in our hearts for 2021. If having a baby is one of your dreams, and surrogacy is part of that dream, taking the first step can be very difficult. Making the decision to build your family through surrogacy can certainly be daunting enough. But it is just the beginning as you embark on the surrogacy process, which can feel so overwhelming. It is hard to take the first step because you may not know what the first step might be, and how many steps there are.

Consulting with a surrogacy agency can be so helpful if you find yourself in this situation.  As the quote from Martin Luther King Jr. states, you don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step!  It would sure be helpful though wouldn’t it?  Talking with a reputable surrogacy agency can be the first step that helps you see the whole staircase.  They can also assist you in developing a plan and timeline to get the top!

If you aren’t quite ready to embark on your surrogacy process yet, that is okay!  It can still be quite beneficial to take the first step of gathering information and developing your plan.  Below are a few questions that a consultation with a surrogacy agency can help you with as you consider building your family through surrogacy.

  1. What are the costs for the surrogacy process?
  2. How long does it take to have a baby using a surrogate?
  3. What is the surrogacy matching process like?
  4. What is the surrogacy screening process?
  5. What kind of women want to become a surrogate?
  6. Is surrogacy legal?  What is the legal process for surrogacy?

You likely have more questions than are on this list, but it is a good start.  These are very important questions to get answers to as you take the first step of gathering information about having a baby through surrogacy.  Whatever your hopes and dreams are, may they be fulfilled in 2021!

If it is your dream to help a family become parents by becoming a surrogate, contact Pathways To Parenthood today and get started. If your dream is having a baby and surrogacy is an option you are considering, take the first step and contact Pathways To Parenthood today! They have helped surrogates and intended parents come together in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, and Arkansas. If you live in the Midwest, they are the surrogacy agency for you! You can reach them at 913-469-5500 or at