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I Love My Surrogate!

I don’t mean that in a figurative way, or as a way to express my overall joy of becoming a parent through surrogacy. I literally mean I love my surrogate!  I realize that for most people the month of February elicits thoughts of romantic love.  But for me, the love of my wonderful, amazing, miracle baby, is coupled with an overwhelming feeling of love for my surrogate!

As we all know, there are many types of love that we experience in our lives. The ancient Greeks had several words for love enabling them to distinguish more clearly between different types of love. The love I feel for my surrogate is in a category all by itself, and I feel compelled to share with others! I hope that my words can help someone that is contemplating embarking upon the surrogacy process to become a parent. I think they may also be helpful for any woman that is considering becoming a surrogate to help others.

I had no idea that my journey would culminate (hopefully) with my long-awaited child, but also experiencing a type of love that I did not realize existed. It has enriched my life and reinforced my belief that most humans are good, kind, and want to help others. If I had known that when I started, it would have helped me greatly as I trudged through all of the steps in the surrogacy process. It is not because my surrogacy process and journey was especially difficult compared to others. It is that at the very beginning stages, there were so many steps in the surrogacy process that it felt daunting. Especially after all the years of disappointments and losses that had come before.

Now that I have crossed over to the other side so to speak, it was of course worth it! So now, along with enjoying my newly expanded family, I want to share how it feels to be on the other side! And the love for my surrogate is not something I expected to be feeling and writing about now! But as love oftentimes does, it makes me want to shout from the rooftops and tell everyone what an amazing woman my surrogate is, and tell the world I love her! Happy Valentine’s Day to all! For those of you that may step into the surrogacy world, I hope you experience the unique and amazing love that I have shared with you today!

J.M. (aka Owen’s mom)

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