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Finding a Gestational Surrogate in Kansas City: How long will it take?

Planning to use a gestational surrogate to build and grow your family is a wonderful opportunity for those that do not have the option of carrying or delivering a baby.  Making the final decision and being ready can take quite some time so when you are ready, waiting to find the right surrogate can feel like an eternity.

If you choose to find your own gestational surrogate, it can take many months to years to find a candidate that meets all of your requirements, and all of your doctor’s requirements.  Many times intended parents will go through a screening process with 2-3 candidates if not more to find the right person.

Pathways To Parenthood has screened gestational surrogates ready and waiting to be matched with intended parents.  If you are ready to move forward with using a gestational surrogate to build and grow your family, visit our website at