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What to Expect After a Surrogate Birth

As a surrogate, you have the chance to make parenthood possible for someone who otherwise would not have the opportunity. If you’re considering making this life changing choice, you have many questions about the surrogacy process and what to expect.  Although there are many steps in the process before the happy ending, it is the best step in the process of surrogacy!  This blog post gives you an idea of what you can expect from this very special part of a being a surrogate mother.

Online you can find what to expect and what the surrogacy process is like but the best way to learn about a journey as a surrogate is through firsthand experience from someone who knows. For our Surrogate Mother feature, we sat down (virtually) with Surrogate Veronica. Veronica recently delivered a healthy baby girl for her Intended Parents in early January.

How was your delivery and what were your Intended Parent’s involvement? 

My delivery thankfully went really well! We had an induction scheduled but baby decided to surprise us all by coming the day before! I called the IP’s and let them know I was in labor and headed to the hospital. We each had our own room in labor and delivery. We agreed IP’s could come in to my room once it was time to push. I absolutely adore my IP’s but I also didn’t want to be nervous trying to labor with them in the room. Other than baby coming one day early, we had an easy delivery where pretty much everything went according to plan. The parents came in when it was time to push so that the baby could go straight to them.

What were your feelings when you saw the IP’s held their baby for the first time?

It was honestly magical! You know, that’s the thing that you’ve been looking forward to all this time— and then it’s finally here! And there’s this crazy sense of achievement. We did it! We decided to do this thing together, to trust each other, and here we are and everything came out as we hoped.

What happened immediately after delivery?  

The Intended Mother held the baby, while the Intended Father cut the cord. They took the baby over to a corner of the room where the nurses checked her out and tended to her while my doctor was taking care of me. It was up to the Intended Parents if they wanted to go back to their room or stay with me.  I’m so glad they stayed for a while so I could watch them and be a part of their joy. It was really a special moment! After baby and I were each attended to by our respective medical teams, I held her for a minute, and we took some pictures.

What happened before everyone left the hospital?

I only stayed one night and we had different rooms so before I left, I went to their room to say goodbye. We did some paperwork and I held the baby one more time and hugged my Intended Parent’s and told them congratulations!

What type of relationship are you hoping to have with IPs and the baby now?

They have texted me pictures and updates occasionally and that is the perfect relationship for me. I hope that continues into the future.

Did you discuss what type of relationship you would have prior to having the baby?

We kind of agreed whatever happened organically would be good. They will always have a special place in my heart and I’m sure we’ll just send each other the occasional updates on our kids.

How do you feel about your surrogacy process now that you have been through the process?

Since this was my first time being a surrogate mother, I was a little unsure of what to expect about being a surrogate. However, It was everything I hoped it would be. Helping people grow their family is such an amazing gift and I feel so lucky to be able to do that for someone.

Any advice you would give to those thinking about becoming a surrogate?

It’s a really amazing and special experience. There are a lot of hurdles along the way but I’m so glad I stuck with it to get to the end.

Surrogacy is a gift unlike any other and one that only a woman like you can give to hopeful parents. If you’ve decided to become a surrogate, let Pathways to Parenthood Surrogacy Agency guide you through the process. View our guidelines for surrogate mothers to find out if you qualify to become a surrogate. We have helped surrogates and intended parents come together in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois and Arkansas, Ohio and Kentucky!  You can contact us at 913-469-5500 or at