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Common Fears Intended Moms Have About Using An Egg Donor

By Kerry Christifano M.A., LCPC

As a counselor, I have worked with hundreds of women/couples over the years facing the difficult decision to use an egg donor to have a baby. I have heard many women and couples share their thoughts and feelings about making the decision to use an egg donor to build their family.  Most women that find themselves facing that crossroad in their family building journey, feel confusion, anger, sadness, and loneliness. They are also scared.


If you find yourself in that space, it is beneficial to consider that all women that have come before you on this same journey, and there are many, have felt what you are feeling now.  Because it is such a difficult experience, many do not share what they are going through, or have been through. But I have heard their stories and witnessed their pain.  I have also witnessed their bravery and strength as they faced their difficult feelings and fears so they could move forward and become moms.


If you are wondering if the fears you are facing in your decision to use an egg donor to build your family are weird or unusual, then read this list and decide for yourself.  I think you will realize that you are not unusual or weird at all.


  1. What if I can’t bond with my baby? Many if not most women have had this fear, and it has turned out to be just a fear, not a reality. As you experience pregnancy and childbirth, your bond with your baby will have already begun before they are born. Honor your feelings of fear, but also open your mind to consider that those feelings likely have nothing to do with how you will ultimately feel when you hold your baby in your arms.


  1. What if my child rejects me or tells me that they don’t love me because I am not their “real mother.” Although it is certainly possible that your child may say something awful like this to you, it will likely not be representative of how they feel about you.  Children from all family types will say hurtful things to their parents when they are angry or frustrated.  Research has shown time and again that children view their parents as the people who love them, teach them, guide them, and are consistently there for them throughout their life. They do not view an egg donor as their mom.


  1. What will I do if someone tells me my baby looks just like me?  Or doesn’t look anything like me?  That is a guarantee!  People like to weigh in and offer their opinion about who your child resembles; or does not resemble.  I am not sure what this is all about!  Just know that it will happen, and also know it does not have any relationship to the fact that you used an egg donor to have your child.  Be prepared to hear it and practice what you will say.


  1. Is this a selfish choice? Deciding to become a parent is one of the least selfish choices anyone can make, including you!  There is no doubt that the journey through the egg donation process to become a mom requires many sacrifices by you and your spouse/partner.


It is important to take the time you need to address your feelings, including your fears, about using an egg donor to build your family.  Pathways To Parenthood is here to help!  Contact us today to learn more about using an egg donor at 913-469-5500 or