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Your Surrogacy Process and COV-19

We are all experiencing our “new normal” in the post COV-19 world. If you are in the midst of building your family through surrogacy, your surrogacy process may also have a post COVID-19 “new normal” as well.

The good news is that most aspects of your surrogacy process should not be greatly impacted now that fertility clinics have resumed treatment. That is if you and your surrogate are not pregnant yet!  If you are pregnant, then there may be steps in the parentage legal process that are going to be different.  But that is more likely for your attorney than for you as intended parents or surrogate.  Hopefully your attorney is managing that process well for you, and you should not have any significant differences in the process on your end.

The birth day of your child may be different than a pre-COVID-19 birth day would have been. The hospital where your baby will be born will be following the guidelines that are in place at the time of the birth. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know now what those might be. It is best to assume and prepare for what the current guidelines and policies are.  These only allow one person to be with surrogate during labor and delivery.   It is possible those will change, and more than one person will be allowed to be present.  But be prepared for both possibilities just in case.

If you are working through the steps in the surrogacy process to get to transfer and pregnancy, at this point, you should not experience any major delays. At Pathways To Parenthood, we have been continuously working to screen surrogate candidates, and assist intended parents in planning and preparing for their next steps. We are thrilled that we now have many excited intended parents and surrogates moving forward in the process!

We would like to help you get started in the process to either become a surrogate or get started in matching with a surrogate and becoming a parent through surrogacy!  Contact us today at or 913-469-5500 and get started!