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Become a Surrogate today: Your top 10 FAQs answered

If you’re thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate, it’s understandable to have questions – lots of questions. In this post, we will answer the top questions that many surrogate candidates ask as they make their decision to become a surrogate to help someone else start a family.

        1.  How long does it take to become a surrogate?

Now more than ever before, individuals and couples are looking for surrogate mothers to help make their dreams of parenthood come true. Our goal is to move through the surrogacy screening process as quickly as possible so we can get you matched with a family as quickly as possible. The screening process typically takes 3-4 weeks, but can be a bit quicker or longer depending on how quickly surrogate candidates can provide requested information.   Once the screening process is completed, the matching process begins immediately!

        2.  Are there any costs/expenses that I will be responsible for as the surrogate?

Questions about finances are some of the most important surrogacy questions to ask. Gestational surrogates are not responsible for any costs or expenses related to the surrogacy process. Intended Parents cover everything!

        3.  Do I have a say in who I get matched with?

A core part of the surrogate matching process is ensuring that the surrogate and the intended parents are a good fit – this means doing our best to respect your wishes and desires about who you would like to work with.  A match does not become official unless all parties involved are completely on board with moving forward in working together. There is never any pressure or incentive from the Pathways To Parenthood staff to work with a family that does not feel like the right fit for you.

        4.  What disqualifies me from being a surrogate?

Understanding the requirements for being a surrogate and why they are in place—is important. Personal, medical, and financial information are all needed to ensure someone is eligible to apply to become a surrogate.

Some of the qualifications to become a surrogate include:

  • Being between ages 21 to 38
  • Must be height and weight appropriate (BMI must be under 32)
  • Must have had a proven healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery
  • Living in a state with surrogacy-friendly laws
  • Not being enrolled in government aid programs such as cash assistance, welfare, public housing, or section 8
  • Avoiding the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes
  • Must be in good health mentally and physically
  • Ability to be truthful and transparent throughout the surrogacy process

        5.  Will I use my eggs as a surrogate?

No!  A gestational surrogate (gestational carrier) has no genetic connection to the baby they will carry for another family.  Embryos are created through in vitro fertilization and then transferred into the uterus of the surrogate candidate.

       6.  Do I use my own insurance?

If you have your own health insurance, your policy will be reviewed during the screening process to confirm maternity benefits, and to see if it covers your pregnancy as a surrogate.  If your policy has an exclusion for a surrogacy pregnancy, intended parents will purchase a policy that will cover your pregnancy as a surrogate.

        7.  Can I choose my OBGYN?

Yes. Unless there are complications in the pregnancy that require a specialist, you will work with your OB/GYN as if it were your own pregnancy.

        8.  What if the Intended Parent’s change their mind about working with me?

This is not a common occurrence!  If it were to happen, then you would be matched with a new family.

        9.  Can I be a surrogate more than once?

Usually yes! Experienced surrogates are highly desirable to intended parents as their previous experience provides them comfort and reassurance.  Experienced surrogates also earn higher overall compensation.

        10.  Will I have contact with my Intended Parents after the baby goes home?

This will depend on what you and the Intended Parents decide works best for them!  Most intended parents and surrogates do have some amount of contact after the baby is born.

We have many intended families waiting to be matched with a surrogate to grow their families! Amazing surrogates are needed now more than ever!  If you’ve decided to become a surrogate, or if you know other women considering surrogacy, now is an opportune time to join our agency. If you live in the Midwest, we are the surrogacy agency for you!  You can contact us at 913-469-5500 or at