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Using An Egg Donor in Kansas City To Build and Grow Your Family: Inadvertent Consanguinity as a Consideration

There are many considerations intended parents must make when choosing to use an egg donor to build and grow their family.  One that is not talked about often, but is a consideration nonetheless is inadvertent consanguinity.

The definition of consanguinity is:  of the same blood or origin; specifically:  descended from the same ancestor.  The real life concern for intended parents using an egg donor (or sperm donor) to build and grow their family is:  “Will my child meet, fall in love with and marry his or her half-sibling?”  The answer is, of course it is possible, but not likely.

What this topic does call into very careful consideration is the topic of disclosure to a donor-conceived child the fact that they are donor-conceived.  There are many benefits of disclosing to a donor-conceived child the specifics of their conception.  Preventing inadvertent consanguinity is one of them.

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