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How Much Money Can You Earn Being a Gestational Surrogate in Kansas City?

For women that are considering the generous gift of being a gestational surrogate to help others build and grow their family, being informed about potential earnings is an important factor.  The total amount you can earn being a gestational surrogate depends on several factors.

There is typically a base fee of $20,000-$25,000 for first time gestational surrogates.  If a candidate has health insurance that covers surrogacy pregnancies she will typically be compensated at a higher fee.  The base fee is typically paid out over the course of the pregnancy, with partial payment for the treatment process.  There is also additional compensation for travel, maternity clothes, lost wages, and bed rest.  The final fees are determined under a contract with the intended parents.

If you are considering being a gestational surrogate, know that the real reward is not financial.  It is the opportunity to help a couple or individual build and grow their family.  To learn if you qualify to become a gestational surrogate, read about the requirements here at: