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Services of a Surrogacy Agency Located In The Kansas City Area/Pathways To Parenthood: An Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency

If you plan to use a gestational surrogate to build and grow your family, one big decision you will make in the early stages of the process is whether to work with an agency or “go it alone.” To help you make your decision, it is helpful to know what services a surrogacy agency offers you.

The first service a surrogacy agency offers you is the pre-screening and pre-qualifying of gestational surrogate candidates.  They save you A LOT of time and stress by offering you candidates that have already committed to being a gestational surrogate, and have been approved to meet the initial criteria of intended parents and clinics.

They also offer the service of matching you with a surrogate who meets your needs.  Understanding what is considered to be a good fit for intended parents and gestational surrogates saves time, money, and stress.

Another important service is guidance and support on all of the steps of the process, including the timing of when tasks should be completed.  They also offer guidance and support on the legal process, insurance, and medical procedures and treatments.

Fund management services include the monetary transactions between you and your surrogate.  Funds are deposited in an escrow account and distributed to the surrogate per the instructions of your legal agreement with your surrogate.

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