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Happy Anniversary Pathways To Parenthood! Kansas City’s Premier Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency Is Five Years Old!

Five years ago, in May 2013 Pathways To Parenthood started the amazing journey of serving families, egg donors, and surrogates.  The journey actually started long before with a dream of providing intended parents, egg donors, and gestational surrogates with a local agency that was professional, compassionate, and hands-on.  It was important to me that all people we had contact with and work with felt valued and important.

My passion for helping others build and grow their family continues to grow when I see the joy that others feel when realizing their dream come true.  It is also amazing to see how our egg donors and gestational surrogates feel after helping others in such a special and unique way.

I look forward to continuing to provide top-notch service and compassion to our clients, egg donors, and surrogates in the years to come!

Kerry Christifano M.A., LCPC

Founder of Pathways To Parenthood