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Motivation for Egg Donors in Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri

Although the motivation to donate their eggs varies among women, there are some common reasons why young women want to donate their eggs.  As is commonly known, egg donors are generously compensated for their time and effort to donate their eggs to others that need an egg donor to build their families.  Certainly financial compensation is a motivating factor, but for many young egg donors, other motivators are as important, or more important to them.  The biggest motivator for egg donors to donate is the satisfaction they receive knowing they provided an opportunity to another women to experience pregnancy and motherhood.  Many egg donors state they would donate their eggs even if there were not financial compensation.   Many intended parents are initially concerned about the motivation of egg donors, and if a donor might in the future try to find them, and/or any children that are conceived from their donation.  This is a reasonable but unfounded concern.  There is not any research to support this common fear, and in fact, research shows that the only future oriented concerns or thoughts egg donors have about their donation, is that the families raising their donor conceived child are good parents, and that the children are well cared for and loved.

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