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Helping People Build Their Families Through Surrogacy & Egg Donation

I am the owner of Pathways To Parenthood. We are an egg donor and surrogacy
agency located in the Midwest. We have helped grow families all over the United
States. And some outside of the United States. Most of our intended parents,
surrogates and egg donors live in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas,
Illinois and Colorado.

Someone recently asked me what the most challenging or difficult part of working
in the surrogacy agency/egg donor agency business is for me. I would like to
share my thoughts and feelings about this topic as they have given me a renewed
sense of commitment and joy for the work that I do to help others. I hope that it
can somehow benefit anyone that is considering becoming a surrogate or egg
donor, or considering becoming a parent through surrogacy and/or egg donation.

The most challenging and difficult part of my daily work is to hear people’s stories
of disappointment, loss, and ongoing struggles to grow their family. It is not the
stories that make it most difficult for me, even though it makes me sad to hear
them. It is my overwhelming desire to instantly give them what they need to help
them realize their dream to become parents. Even though I am able to offer them
the help they may need to realize their dreams to become parents, of course
there is nothing instantaneous about it! It is not that my intended parents expect
instant results, it is my admittingly impossible to accomplish desire to be able to
do that for them that makes it difficult for me.

Ironically, the most difficult aspect of the work that I do also offers me the
greatest satisfaction and joy. When intended parents reach out to a surrogacy
agency or egg donor agency like Pathways To Parenthood, they are in great need
of assistance in building and growing their family. Oftentimes, in addition to the
painful or difficult history they bring , they are also bringing hope that they can
find the help they need with us. And that is where the most difficult part of my
work intersects with the most wonderful parts of what I get to do every day.

Given I have worked as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in reproductive
health and infertility for twenty years, had personal struggles with infertility and
infertility treatments, and owned and operated a surrogacy agency and egg donor
agency for 8 years, I am able to offer those who reach out to us for help,
knowledge and information based in training, experience, and compassionate
care! No matter where someone is on their journey, I am able to meet them
where they are, and help them along with where they want to go. That is a
wonderful part of the work I do! Knowing that I have helped many along their
way to become parents, and that I have the opportunity every day to help others
in their present state, and in their future, is very important to me.

In addition, the fact that there are incredibly special women who are willing to
help others by being an egg donor or surrogate AND that have also decided to be
a part of Pathways To Parenthood’s programs, gives me the amazing opportunity
to help connect intended parents to them. It takes a lot of time and energy to
locate, screen and prepare women to become a surrogate or egg donor. But it is
time and energy well spent knowing what I am working for, and who I am working

The path to parenthood for our intended parents is not an easy one. But at the
end of it all, the long dreamed for family becomes a reality. And I am privileged
and honored to be a part of that happy ending. I am grateful for the work that I
do, in spite of the challenges and difficulties that come along with it. Because in
the end, it is wonderful to see our parents’, surrogate’s and egg donor’s dreams
come true!

by Kerry Christifano

If it is in your heart to help a family become parents by becoming a
surrogate or egg donor, contact Pathways To Parenthood today and get
started. If having a baby through surrogacy and/or egg donation is an
option you are considering, take the first step and contact Pathways To
Parenthood today! You can reach us at 913-469-5500 or at