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Building and Growing Your Family Through Egg Donation or Gestational Surrogacy in Kansas City: Are you Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you have been considering using an egg donor or gestational surrogate to build and grow your family, you know how hard the decision can be.  After giving yourself the necessary time to thoughtfully consider your options, you would benefit by answering the following questions for yourself, and then discuss them with your partner:

  •           Are you ready to move on from current infertility treatments?
  •           How do you feel about someone else carrying your child?
  •           How do you feel about having a child that is not genetically connected to you?
  •           What degree of contact, if any, do you want to have with the egg donor or gestational surrogate?
  •           Are both partners ready?
  •           How will you explain the pregnancy and birth to others, and, eventually, to your child?

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