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Using Fresh Donor Eggs in Kansas City: Success Rates for Pathways To Parenthood

When using your own donor that you have selected to do a fresh donor egg in vitro fertilization cycle, your chances of conceiving are excellent.  In addition, you are very likely to have embryos frozen that can be used for future family building.

There are many factors that influence your chances of success when doing an egg donor in vitro fertilization cycle.  Most are related to the doctor and clinic that you are working with, and their treatment plans and protocols.  However, working with quality egg donor candidates that are well screened is of great significance also.

Pathways To Parenthood has a 78% success rate for donor egg in vitro fertilization.  In addition, 75% of our intended parents have embryos to freeze for future usage.  Why is that important?  If you do not conceive on your first attempt at donor egg in vitro fertilization, you have embryos frozen for a second attempt.  Or, if you do get pregnant and have a child, you have frozen embryos for future family building when you want to have another child.

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