Client Testimonial - Jennifer F.

Unlike other agencies, Pathways to Parenthood does not pay for reviews. All of the testimonials available on this website were written by real clients in their own words. These former and current clients were comfortable enough to give a review knowing that Google identifies them, verifying their identities as part of the Google review process.

5 stars

When I applied to Pathway to Parenthood and began the donation process, I never imagined that they would end up holding such a big place in my heart.

After donating a number of times the staff at Pathway to Parenthood have been compassionate, understanding and readily available to help at any time during the donation process every time. Every aspect of this company radiates professionalism, while serving as the middle man for both the recipient and the donor. As the middle man they are definitely an important piece in making each cycle as successful and stress free as possible.
I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to handle my donations, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogacy

For their generous gift of time and effort, Pathways To Parenthood Gestational Surrogates total compensation packages range from $50,000 to $65,000. All expenses will be covered by the Intended Parents. Surrogates do not have any out of pocket expenses. Details will be provided in the Pathways to Parenthood consultation.

As a gestational surrogate (carrier), an embryo created from the Future Parents egg and sperm, or sometimes an egg donor or sperm donor is utilized by Future Parents to create an embryo(s), is transferred to the uterus of the gestational surrogate. A gestational surrogate has no genetic relationship to the baby.

There are not any out of pocket expenses for our gestational surrogates. If you have any minor expenses, you are always reimbursed. Should you need travel accommodations, all travel related expenses are covered by the future parents.
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