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Surrogate Bonus – Pathways to Parenthood

Many women enjoy being pregnant. From the glowing skin to the baby bump, there’s a lot to love about the pregnancy journey. Many people who enjoy being pregnant, but aren’t looking to expand their family, choose to give the gift of parenthood to those who can’t conceive on their own through surrogacy. Pathways to Parenthood is offering a $500 bonus payment to anyone that completes the screening process and joins our program. Since we’re always in the market for incredible women who have the heart to help create families, this program is our way of saying “thank you.”

Why Are We Offering a Bonus?

Surrogacy is extremely important. The more surrogates that we find, the more families that we can help have children – and we think that deserves a bonus! We have many intended parents waiting to be matched with a surrogate to grow their families.

To learn more about our surrogacy process, please click here!

*Your $500 bonus will be paid out once the screening process has been completed.