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The Surrogacy Pregnancy Half-Way Point

Featuring:  Surrogate Annie McCabe

Surrogate Annie McCabe is not a newcomer to the surrogacy process or the milestone 20-week appointment.  Annie is now more than halfway through her second surrogacy pregnancy, and she has had two prior pregnancies for her own two children.  But the anticipation and excitement of the 20-week sonogram appointment is as exciting as it ever was!

Annie shared her thoughts and feelings about her recent 20-week check-up appointment by answering a few questions about the experience.

1. Did the parents join you for the appointment?

Yes!  The parents attended the appointment with me!  I loved having them there and sharing the moment.  I feel like the 20-week appointment is a big one and it’s the first chance to really see the baby. Makes it all very real for everyone!

2,  Did you find out the gender of the baby?

We did not. The intended parents have decided to wait!! Which I love!! I found out with both my keepers, and they found out with their first, so we are all excited about finding out at delivery.

3.  What was the best part of the appointment for you?

Just seeing the baby!!  I loved seeing the little legs and arms move. We had trouble getting a good profile shot but the parents ended up with great pictures of the baby’s face.  It’s so amazing how much change has happened between that first ultrasound and the 20-week scan.

4.  What was the biggest difference between your pregnancies for your own children and your surrogacy pregnancy?

You know I was just as excited about this appointment as a surrogate as I was with my other pregnancies. There is just something about seeing life growing that is so surreal.  And as surrogate, to be a part of that experience with and for another family is indescribable!

5.  What did you do immediately after the appointment?

We looked at the sonogram pictures and were amazed at how great and detailed they were! The parents got some great pictures! We then said our goodbyes and headed off to work.

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