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My Surrogacy Experience; By Haley Casillas

I have come to learn that life is a compilation of experiences. Some are beautiful,
some are challenging, and some are life altering. And some are in a category all by
themselves, hard to compare to any other. My journey to and through surrogacy
was unlike anything else I have experienced. It is indescribable because it is so
hard to find words to express what it was like to help a family achieve their
dreams by giving them the gift of life. In hopes of encouraging other women to
consider becoming a surrogate to help others in this way, and to also give hope to
deserving families that surrogacy can help them realize their dreams of becoming
parents, I would like to share what the surrogacy process was like for me.

There were many factors that led up to me becoming a surrogate. It started with
my mom’s kind words that I heard her express when I was young, stating she
would be willing to help someone she loves by carrying a baby for them if they
needed her help. The birth of my own child, and the knowing of love and
happiness that comes with it awoke the memory of my mom’s words from years
ago. I now could understand why she said them. And then my long road through
a marriage that did not work out as I had hoped, and my journey back to my
family to start my life over, is the catalyst that brought me closer to my surrogacy

Upon returning home and reconnecting with family and friends, I met a woman
who had recently been a surrogate. Listening to her experience ignited a desire in
me to learn more about becoming a surrogate. It was amazing to hear her
surrogacy story. I wanted to learn more about helping others through surrogacy
so I decided to start with contacting a surrogacy agency. The woman who had
shared her surrogacy journey with me stated her surrogacy agency was Pathways
To Parenthood, so I decided to reach out to them to get started.

Once I spoke with Kerry at Pathways To Parenthood, I knew that I wanted to
move forward in the screening process to become a surrogate. After going
through the screening process to become a surrogate, I learned that I was of
sound mind (whew!) and body, and I was one step closer to realizing my dream of
becoming a surrogate! The next steps in the surrogacy process were the
beginnings of matching with my family! It was truly special! I will write more
about that later! Thanks for reading the first part of my story. To be continued…..

If it is your dream to help a family become parents by becoming a
surrogate, contact Pathways To Parenthood today and get started.
They have helped surrogates and intended parents come together in
Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, and Arkansas. If
you live in the Midwest, they are the surrogacy agency for you! You can
reach them at 913-469-5500 or at