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Questions about Kansas Surrogacy Laws and Missouri Surrogacy Laws? Ask Pathways To Parenthood: An Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency

Since there are not any federal surrogacy laws, each state has its’ own surrogacy policy.  State surrogacy laws are continuously evolving and shifting therefore it is essential to be certain what each states’ current legal climate may be regarding surrogacy laws.  Working with a professional and experienced surrogacy agency and attorney will give you certainty and protection regarding the legal process for family building through surrogacy.

Is Surrogacy legal in Kansas?  Yes!  Kansas does not have any set statues or laws that prohibit gestational surrogacy arrangements.

Is Surrogacy legal in Missouri?  Yes!  There are not specific laws in Missouri that restrict gestational surrogacy arrangements which means it is legally possible to have a baby with a surrogate in Missouri.

There are a multitude of legal considerations that need to be addressed in Kansas Surrogacy agreements and Missouri Surrogacy agreements. Contact Pathways To Parenthood today to learn more about the surrogacy legal requirements in Kansas and Missouri.