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Pathways To Parenthood: Finding A Gestational Surrogate On Your Own In Kansas City: Is it worth it?

Building your family through gestational surrogacy is expensive, and the idea of eliminating the expense of using an agency seems like a good idea.

But is it?

Of course the answer to that question is not an easy one, and you may not know until you actually give it a try.  Sometimes it does work out, but many times it does not.  We have heard countless stories from intended parents that have not only wasted their money on gestational surrogate candidates that did not work out, but more importantly, they wasted TIME!  If you are relying on an advertisement that a candidate posts on a site that is written to entice you to contact them, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  Many women who post advertisements offering their services to be a gestational surrogate are not good candidates in general, or they may not be the right candidate for you.  A reputable agency like Pathways To Parenthood offers intended parents and gestational surrogates a layer of protection and expertise that greatly increases the chances of a successful outcome for all parties, that can ultimately save intended parents money AND time!  For information about building and growing your family through egg donation or gestational surrogacy, visit