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Using An Egg Donor in Kansas City: The Waiting Game Continues….

One of the most challenging aspects of coping with infertility is the time you have to wait. Waiting for test results, waiting to hear back from your clinic, waiting to see if “it worked this time.” The list could go on and on.

There is a bit of relief for most people when they decide on a new opportunity to build and grow their family, such as using an egg donor. Getting started can be scary but exhilarating, being filled with hope that this new path will finally lead to success and happiness.

And then find yourself waiting, again. Waiting to learn how to start the process, and with who. Waiting on finding the right donor, and then waiting for all of the next steps that come after that. Unfortunately the waiting is part of it all, and you cannot do much if anything to change that. But, you can enhance your coping strategies to help you get through those difficult waiting periods.

Here are a few suggestions:

Seek out support from new people and places. It is difficult to open up to others about your struggles, but finding friends or professionals who “get it” is better than trying to get support from others who simply can not give you what you need.

Work on communication and boundaries. Learning how to communicate differently and directly with others (including your partner or spouse) can help in clarifying what you need (and don’t need) from others.

Be kind to yourself. Self-talk is very powerful so be careful how you talk to yourself.Imagine yourself having a conversation with your best friend who was having the  difficulties you are experiencing. What would you say to him/her? Heed your own advice….

For information and support on using an egg donor to build and grow your family, please contact us today.