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The Life Changing Journey of Surrogacy: By Markay Mason

As a 28 year-old military wife and girl mom of two, my husband and I decided our family was complete. We were 100% sure we were not going to have more kids.  But I still had a strong desire to be pregnant again.  I had a great idea-SURROGACY!

I had considered becoming a surrogate many times before.  But the timing was never right.  Now that the timing was right, I had to get my husband on board!  We sat down and had “the surrogacy talk”.  He was supportive of me and fully on board.  I was so excited!!

At the time, we were living overseas in Okinawa, Japan, soon to be heading to Whiteman Airforce Base in Missouri. I decided to do some research about surrogacy in Missouri, and surrogacy in Kansas, and found my surrogacy agency, Pathways To Parenthood. After talking with Kerry Christifano at Pathways To Parenthood, I knew her agency was where I belonged. She made me feel welcome, loved, and so at home. I did not know what was going to happen after talking with Kerry, but told myself if it was meant to be, then it would be.

Pathways To Parenthood helped me understand the steps in the surrogacy process, answered all of my questions, as well as my husband’s questions.  They made the screening process seamless and stress-free.  After the screening process, I was matched with intended parents that could not have been a better fit for me and my family. It all seemed too good to be true!  But it wasn’t! The surrogacy journey continued. I will share more of my surrogacy journey very soon.

Before I go, if you are considering becoming a surrogate, especially if you live in Kansas or Missouri, Pathways To Parenthood is your go to for expertise in surrogacy.  They will provide reliable information about all aspects of surrogacy.    Plus, they care about their surrogates and it shows!  Give Kerry a call at 913-469-5500 or email her at