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The Importance of Healthy Relationships With Your Surrogacy Agency And Your Surrogate.

Pathways To Parenthood:  An Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency understands the importance of creating and fostering healthy relationships between all parties for surrogacy arrangements. The elements for these healthy relationships are exactly the same as they would be for any important relationship.  However, it is more challenging to accomplish than a one on one relationship as there are multiple relationships involved.

It is essential to learn, understand, and/or review these essential elements before you begin your surrogacy journey.  The most important elements for healthy relationships between intended parents, surrogacy agency and surrogate include effective communication, healthy boundaries, clearly defining roles and expectations, and flexibility.  There are certainly more important aspects of creating and fostering these very important relationships, but if you can master these fundamental elements, you will greatly enhance the quality of your relationships during your surrogacy process.