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Gestational Surrogacy Program Services and Fees

Please keep in mind that all of these fees are estimates. Your expenses may be more or less depending on your specific gestational surrogate and situation. As your agency, we will do our best to help you anticipate if these costs will vary greatly form the stated amount. Typically, they will not.

Pathways To Parenthood Agency Fee: $25,500.00 – divided into 3 payments as follows:

  1. $3,750 initial deposit due with signed agency agreement before the matching process can begin.
  2. $15,000 is due when the matching process has been completed and the matching form has been signed by all parties.
  3. $6,750 is due after legal is completed between surrogate and intended parents.

Agency Services: The agency fee includes the following services-

  • Locating, screening, and matching
  • Medical records review
  • Criminal and background checks
  • Psychological testing
  • Psychosocial evaluation (for Gestational Surrogate)
  • Medical insurance review and needs assessment
  • Clinical support for Gestational Surrogate and Future Parents
  • Case Management support throughout process
  • Emotional and psychological support throughout process for Gestational Surrogate and Future Parents
  • Post-birth consultation with Gestational Surrogate

Legal Counsel for Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate: $10,000-$15,000

Psychological Consultation For Future Parents And Joint Session w/Gestational Surrogate: $500-$1,000

Gestational Surrogate: Compensation Package: $45,000 – $65,000.

Surrogate Medical Insurance: $3,000 – $40,000

For Gestational Surrogates whose insurance policy covers gestational surrogacy pregnancies, intended parents are responsible for any copays and deductibles.

For Gestational Surrogates whose insurance policy excludes gestational surrogacy pregnancies, intended parents will purchase insurance through a specialty insurance company or an Affordable Care Act policy.

Life Insurance: $500-$1,000

Loss of Reproductive Organ Rider: $250-$500

Medical Charges:

These fees will be charged by your fertility clinic.  They will include screenings, medications, and medical treatments.  These charges may also include the cost of donor egg, donor sperm or donated embryos.  Your clinic will be able to provide you with an estimated fee schedule.

Estimated Additional Costs:

These are potential additional costs you may incur.

  • C-Section Delivery
  • Counseling Support for Gestational Surrogate
  • Lost Wages
  • Travel Expenses/Gas Allowance
  • Child-care

Contact us today for information about our gestational surrogacy program services and fees!