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Egg Donation Kansas City: Coping With The Stress Of The Process

For most intended parents that use an egg donor to help increase their chances of success in building and growing their family, it comes at the end of a very long road of disappointment and past failed attempts to conceive.  After years of trying and failing, many intended parents are stressed and have a hard time being hopeful that an egg donor will be the final answer.

Unfortunately, using an egg donor to attempt in vitro fertilization does not give you a 100% chance of success, but for most, it greatly increases the chance of having a baby.  It is important that once the decision is made, intended parents let go of all of the stats and find a way to reduce stress and allow yourself to be hopeful.

How to go about doing so will be different for everybody, but these strategies will help most people reduce the stress of the treatment process:

  1. Focus on the present.
  2. Improve communication with your partner/spouse.
  3. Look for support in new people/places.
  4. Talk nicely to yourself. You are going through a very difficult life experience.

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