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Considering Surrogacy? Independent Surrogacy Process or Surrogacy Agency?


Deciding to embark upon surrogacy to build your family is a really big decision!  The surrogacy process that comes after making that decision will vary depending in part whether you decide to do an independent surrogacy process, or work with a surrogacy agency.

What is Independent Surrogacy?

Independent surrogacy means surrogates and intended parents find and screen each other as well as handle all other aspects of the surrogacy process without the assistance of a surrogacy agency. These aspects include the medical processes, the legal process for the surrogacy legal agreement and parentage, the financial costs of the surrogacy process.  And everything in between and thereafter!

The independent surrogacy process can take place between intended parents and surrogate that did not know each other previously.  Sometimes it occurs between intended parents and surrogate that have some type of personal relationship or connection.  They may be relatives, or good friends.  They may be friends of friends, or friends of relatives.  This type of independent surrogacy process may be a little less stressful than working with what is initially a complete stranger. However, they can also add layers of stress that are not part of the surrogacy process that involves intended parents and surrogates that have no personal connection.

Surrogacy Agency

Working with a surrogacy agency is the other option for building your family through surrogacy. Most people know what a surrogacy agency is, but many don’t realize all that a surrogacy agency does.  A full-service surrogacy agency provides services related to all aspects of the surrogacy process.  This begins with continuous screening of potential surrogate candidates.  This is very time consuming as most women that apply to become surrogates do not complete the screening process for one reason or another.  A surrogacy agency will manage the matching process bringing together intended parents and surrogates that are a good fit with respect to each parties’ requirements and special wishes.  A surrogacy agency will provide case management for all steps in the surrogacy process after matching.  The medical evaluation of your surrogate candidate, the treatment process, the legal process, preparation for the birth of the baby, and post-birth related processes.  All of the steps related to each of these categories are too numerous to mention here!  However, they are all managed by a full-service surrogacy agency.

Most intended parents and surrogates that decide to work with a surrogacy agency rather than going the independent surrogacy route decide to do so for a variety of reasons. The top reasons given by intended parents and women who decide to become a surrogate are:  risk reduction, quicker process, and accessing expertise in a highly specialized type of family building.

If you are in the beginning stages of building your family through surrogacy, or becoming a surrogate, do your research and consult with a surrogacy agency.  It doesn’t cost anything to gather information from a surrogacy agency, so at the very least you can consider it part of your research.  What you very likely may find is that working with a surrogacy agency is the right fit for you!

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