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Becoming A Surrogate: Sharing Your Whole Story

If you have been considering becoming a surrogate, you might be wondering,
“What do I need to share with others during the surrogacy process?” You likely
assume, and it is correct, that your reproductive story will be told and shared with
many throughout the surrogacy process.

If you decide to work with a surrogacy agency, then the agency screening process
will include your reproductive story. Then you will share your reproductive story
with intended parents. And the fertility clinic you will work with. And perhaps
even your surrogacy attorney that will represent you throughout the process. But
there is so much more to your story! And the stories of the amazing and
generous women that become surrogates.

It can certainly be scary and intimidating to think about having your life story
shared with others. Others who you currently do not know! However, a
surrogacy agency will be understanding that you, as a potential surrogate, are a
human being with a rich life history that includes ups and downs, triumphs and
struggles, good times and not so good times. And if any surrogacy agency that
you are considering working with does not show understanding or compassion for
your whole life story, run for the hills!

It is important to share your whole story with the surrogacy agency that you
decide to work with. They will be able to tell you if anything in your history will
get in the way of you moving forward in the surrogacy process and/or impact the
surrogacy journey in any way at any point in the future. This is important for a
couple of reasons. First, if there is something in your history that would prevent
you from being medically approved during the surrogacy medical evaluation, then
it is better to know that sooner rather than later. As disappointing as that may be
at the time, it is not nearly as disappointing as it would be after matching with
intended parents who you really like, and that really like you, and not be able to
move forward.

Also, there may be something in your past that may be a less than ideal history,
but if it is discussed with your surrogacy agency, they can help figure out how to
best manage the information so that it does not become a problem later. Being a
surrogate is a very special life experience. You will have a close and intimate
relationship with your intended parents, and with your surrogacy agency. Your
surrogacy agency wants the best outcome for all parties, including you. And they
will want to know your whole story. Nobody expects perfection, but everyone
expects and deserves honesty, including you! Trust in the process, and tell your
whole story knowing that you will be accepted, appreciated and respected fully
for who you are, and what you are willing to do for someone else.

We are here to hear your story! If you have dreamed of helping a
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and/or egg donation is an option you are considering to make your
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