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Pathways To Parenthood: An Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency Why do people in Kansas City use egg donors to have a baby?

The medical terminology given to women/couples that are candidates for utilizing an egg donor to conceive are women with premature ovarian failure or diminished ovarian reserve.   Many people have never heard those terms, and will never fully understand the emotional and psychological burden of those that carry the diagnoses.

Emotionally, women and couples that utilize an egg donor to conceive do so because they want to realize their dream of experiencing pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.  In some ways, the wonderful feelings of hope egg donation gives others, is similar to what people experience that receive the gift of organ donation to extend their life.

For those that dream of having a baby or babies, using an egg donor is not part of that dream, at least initially.  But for those whose dreams are shattered by the diagnoses of infertility, and the inability to realize what we all assume is our reproductive right, it is an amazing opportunity.