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Matching With Intended Parents: Do Surrogates Get To Choose?

This is a good and important question.  And the answer is, it depends. There are many important steps in the surrogacy process when becoming a surrogate.  One step that most potential surrogates are curious about, and view as extremely important is having a voice in the matching process. Surrogates prefer, and rightfully so, to have a say in the family they will work with.

One might wonder why this is even a topic to write about.  The reason is simple: some surrogacy agencies do not give surrogates much say in the family they match with.  A surrogacy agency that has a more business-oriented approach to the surrogacy journey may not understand the importance of having surrogates be fully engaged and involved in the decision-making matching process. If you are looking into becoming a surrogate, and it is important to you to have a say in who you match with, say so!  Ask any surrogacy agency you consider working with about their matching process and how it works.  Inquire about the steps in the matching process.

Becoming a surrogate and helping someone have a baby is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will make in your life.  It can and should be an amazing experience that creates wonderful memories.  The memories from your surrogacy journey will be with you forever so be sure they are all that you want them to be!  Matching with the right family will greatly increase the likelihood of having wonderful memories of your surrogacy process and experience.

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