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Using A Gestational Surrogate in Kansas City: Why is it so expensive?

Anyone that has looked into using a gestational surrogate, also referred to as a gestational carrier, knows that the associated expenses are very high. If you are just starting to investigate the option, you are probably taken back by what the total cost can be.  Using a gestational carrier to build and grow your family involves several teams of professionals and trained personnel.  These professionals offer risk management to assure that building and growing your family through surrogacy is a positive and successful experience.

One variable that greatly influences the total cost is the use of a family member or close friend as your gestational surrogate that is willing to carry for you without compensation.  Since the typical range for compensation for gestational surrogates is between  $20,000-$35,000, it saves intended parents a lot of money!

Here is a breakdown of potential costs if you decide to work with a surrogacy agency.  The ranges are wide because there are many variables that are specific to each family that will influence the total cost.

Agency Fees-Some agencies charge a flat fee that includes many services while others break out additional costs for services that are not included in their agency fee.  Clarification of pricing structure is important!

Typical Range-$12,000-$18,000


Medical Related Fees-Vary based on geographic location of clinic and insurance coverage, as well as types of procedures to be done.

Typical Range-$12,000-$25,000


Legal Fees-       

Typical Range-$3,500-$10,000


Gestational Surrogate Compensation Package: 

 Typical Range-$20,000-$35,000


Medical Insurance For Pregnancy/Delivery: Varies greatly depending on gestational surrogate’s plan and deductibles if she does have coverage.  Multiples increase these cost.

Typical Range-$2,000-$40,000


Miscellaneous Expenses-This category will include travel related expenses among other things.

Typical Range:  $3,000-$8,000


Total Cost:  $60,500-$136,000


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