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Egg Donor Legal Considerations

The decision to be an egg donor is a major life decision that has a lasting impact on many lives. It is in the best interest of all parties to have a contract in place regarding the legal status, rights, obligations of all parties, and to understand all egg donor legal considerations. 

Most clinics and some agencies do not require a legal agreement between recipients and donors.  Clinic consent forms are not contracts between recipients and donors.  They are not designed to outline the duties, obligations, and relationship between donor and recipients.

As an egg donor, it is imperative you understand what your legal rights, duties, and obligations are.  Ask questions and be informed!

Donor agreements are typically 20-25 pages in length, and include among other things the following:

  • Informed Consent
  • Relinquishment of Rights by Donor
  • Establishment of Recipients as Legal Parents
  • Matters of Payment, Breach, Anonymity, and Future Contact
  • Control and Disposition of Future Embryos

Contact us today for more information regarding the egg donor legal considerations!