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Pathways To Parenthood Program Services and Fees

All of these services and fees are estimates. Your expenses may be more or less depending on your specific egg donor. As your agency, we will do our best to help you anticipate if these costs will vary greatly from the stated amount. Typically, they do not.

Pathways To Parenthood Agency Fee: $6,000

This is divided into two payments as follows:

1. $1,000 Retainer Fee-due with signed agreement.  This fee covers Egg Donor recruitment and testing, as well as a 30-60 day online access to Pathways to Parenthood Egg Donor Candidates and personalized matching support.  This is a non-refundable fee.

2. $5,000-due once your selected donor has been medically cleared by your clinic.

Egg Donor Compensation: $5,000 for a first-time donor and $6,000 for repeat donors.

This fee is due after your selected donor has been medically cleared by your clinic. The donor’s fee will be held by Pathways To Parenthood until the egg retrieval process is complete.

Additional Expenses

Legal Counsel for Future Parents and Egg Donor – $1,200-$3,000

Donor Sibling Registry – $250

Complications Insurance – $400

A policy is required for your Egg Donor to cover unexpected medical costs beyond screening and treatment costs. This can be purchased through Pathways To Parenthood or your fertility clinic if they offer the service.

Medical Charges:

These fees will be charged by your fertility clinic. They will Include screenings, medications, and medical treatments. Your clinic should be able to provide you with an estimated fee schedule.

Estimated Additional Costs:  These are potential additional costs you may incur.

  • Travel expenses/Gas allowance
  • Child care for your Egg Donor
  • Coordination Fee for out of state Future Parents or out of state/area Egg Donor
  • Monitoring Clinic – $500 to $1,200