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Our mission is to provide the best and brightest egg donor candidates For our clients!

Egg Donation Process and General Information

Pathways To Parenthood Egg Donors are pre-screened in the following ways:

  • Personal Health History Review
  • Family Health History Review
  • Sexual and Reproductive History
  • Current Use of Alcohol, Drugs, and Cigarettes

AMH Level Testing (Indication of Ovarian Reserve)
Psychological Screening-Testing and Clinical Interview
*These last two steps in our screening process set us apart from other agencies! Most agencies do not include this in their screening process. These are typically done after you have selected your donor, and the cost is passed along to you!!

Egg Donation Process and General Information:

  1. Registration/Password Activation
  2. Consultation Appointment
  3. Selection of Donor
  4. Agreements and Initial Payments
  5. Medical Testing & Approval/Balance of Funds Due
  6. Legal Process/Medical Cycle Begins
  7. Egg Retrieval
  8. Post-Egg Retrieval-Assistance with gift or letter of appreciation.

These steps will be discussed in detail during our consultation appointment.