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Donor Eggs: Fresh Vs Frozen-Which Is Best?

The first step in deciding whether fresh vs frozen is the “best” option, is to get an honest explanation of the pros and cons of each option. Unfortunately, many clinics/doctors do not have the time or the resources to offer this very important information. Please make sure you thoroughly understand both options before making this life-changing important (and expensive) decision!

The following information will give you a good starting point in the decision-making process about using frozen donor eggs or your own donor doing a fresh in vitro fertilization cycle.

Fresh is best if…

1. You want the best statistical chance of getting pregnant and carrying full-term.

2. You want more than one child.

3. You want more than one or two viable embryos to choose from when doing a transfer.

Frozen is best if…

1. You have limited financial resources.

2. You want to start the egg donation process quickly (who doesn’t right, but there are downsides to consider. See fresh is best above.)

3. You want to reduce the number of steps/time in the process.