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Becoming A Surrogate: What medications are involved?

It is important to learn about and be comfortable with all aspects of the surrogacy process before fully committing to becoming a surrogate. One important aspect is the medications that are utilized to prepare the uterus for an embryo transfer.

There are several medications that are commonly used.  Specific protocols will depend on your body, how your body responds to certain medications, as well as the fertility clinic that you work with.  Some of the medications are administered by injection, and others are administered orally, through a patch on the skin, or as a suppository.

The list of medication commonly used for surrogacy are:

  1. Lupron
  2. Estrogen
  3. Progesterone

There are potential side effects with all of the medications listed. Your surrogacy agency can explain them to you, and the fertility clinic you work with will also go over them thoroughly with you.  Some surrogates do not experience any significant side effects, and many surrogates report very mild side effects. Pathways To Parenthood:  An Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency can answer your questions about the medications used for surrogacy, and any other questions you have about the surrogacy process.  Contact us today at 913-469-5500 or