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For Egg Donors: The Egg Donation Process

For Egg Donors: The Egg Donation Process

The Egg Donation Process

Step 1:  Application and Pre-Screening

The basic criteria for Egg Donor Candidates are:
*Between the ages of 21-30
*Healthy BMI: Under 29 (Click here to view a BMI Chart)
*Physically and emotionally healthy
*Good family health history (including mental health)
*Non-smoker, non-drug user (all donors are tested)
*Have regular periods
*Not currently breast-feeding, on the Depo-Prevera shot, IUD or implant based birth control method
*Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation
*Willing to take injectable medication

The first step to becoming an Egg Donor with Pathways to Parenthood is to complete our pre-screening form.  If an Egg Donor Candidate meets the initial pre-screening criteria, an email will be sent with further instructions to complete the online application.

Please click here to fill out our Egg Donor pre-screening form.

Step 2:  Intake Interview and Completion of Paperwork

Selected Egg Donor Candidates will meet with a Pathways to Parenthood representative.  The meeting will cover the egg donation process and our Egg Donor Program.  We will also answer any questions you might have about egg donation and our program.   If you decide to be an Egg Donor for Pathways To Parenthood, we will have you complete the necessary paperwork for your enrollment in our program, which will include the personality test, The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI).

Step 3:  Medical Pre-screening and Psychosocial Evaluation

Once enrollment paperwork is completed, you will have your blood drawn for testing purposes. You may be tested for hormone levels, infectious diseases, genetic diseases as well as drugs and nicotine.   You will also meet with a mental health professional to undergo a psychosocial evaluation.  This meeting is designed to address your concerns and needs as well as ensuring your decision to be an egg donor is the right decision for you.

Step 4:  Matching, Complete Medical Screening and Legal Consultation

Once you are selected by an intended parent, we will confirm your ability to commit to the time frame and location required by the intended parents and their treating physician.  You will then meet with a physician who will go over the medical aspects of the egg donation process. At this time you will undergo a physical examination and a blood draw.   Pathways to Parenthood will arrange independent legal representation for you.  An attorney with experience in reproductive medicine will go over the legal agreements you will sign. This step in the process is to ensure you feel knowledgeable about and informed of the process.

Step 5:  The Medication Cycle and Egg Donor Retrieval

Once your medical screening has been completed, you will receive information about your donor cycle. This may happen on the same day you have your medical screening appointment.   You will be given exact instructions and all of the necessary information by the fertility clinic about your cycle, including how and when to take your medications.  It is very important that you take medications as prescribed and that you communicate directly and reliably with the nursing staff the entire time you are on medication. When all medications have been completed, and if your ovaries have stimulated properly, you will take a “trigger” shot at a precise time that will cause the eggs to go through their final phase of maturation and ready them for your scheduled retrieval.

On the day of your retrieval, you will need a companion to accompany you to the fertility center and drive you home.   The retrieval process requires light sedation, and the actual procedure takes 20-30 minutes. You can expect to be at the fertility clinic for several hours.  You should plan on spending the remainder of the day relaxing at home.  The following day you should be able to resume light to normal activities unless the physician instructs you otherwise.


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