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Dear Egg Donor Candidate:

Dear Egg Donor Candidate:

Dear Egg Donor Candidate,

Welcome to Pathways to Parenthood! Thank you for your interest in being an Egg Donor. It is the generosity of our Egg Donors that help make the dream of becoming parents a reality for our Future Parents.

Many of our Future Parents have been trying to conceive for years and have learned that using an Egg Donor is one of their only options to build their family. Knowing there are generous women like yourself that are willing to give such an incredible gift gives them the hope they can realize their dream of being pregnant, and having a baby. Some of our Future Parents are single men or women, or gay or lesbian couples that wish to build their family. They too are very appreciative that young women like you are willing to help them realize their dream of becoming parents.

As a mental health professional, I have worked with potential Egg Donors and Future Parents for many years. I have personally interviewed hundreds of amazing women that have given the gift of hope; the potential to have a baby Future Parents would not otherwise have. I have also worked with many women and couples that have had a child because of the generous gift of an Egg Donor. I have personally witnessed the joy and fulfillment the gift of Egg Donation gives to others.

Having personally struggled with infertility myself, I understand the pain and disappointment that years of failed attempts to have a baby can bring. My commitment is to help others that have struggled to build their family in a traditional way, have options such as Egg Donation, to help them have a child.

I speak for myself and our Future Parents when I say thank you for your thoughtful consideration to be an Egg Donor. If you are highly responsible, healthy, bright and motivated to make a difference, we look forward to having you in our program. We will support you through your decision-making process and if you decide to be an Egg Donor for Pathways to Parenthood, we will support you every step of the way.

Kerry Christifano M.A., LCPC
Pathways to Parenthood Founder

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